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We are proud to announce the founding of Niagara’s newest initiative, Niagara Youth Need Sports (NYNS). This non-profit was founded in memory of Brian Broley, a hero and advocate of youth sports who gave his heart and soul to the Niagara Region, and who most recently helped the JKR Tournament raise $10,000 for his charity,Growing Up Through Sports, before his untimely passing. It is the vision of NYNS to carry on his legacy by providing access to organized sports for youth and their families in a time of financial uncertainty. 

Each new season presents an opportunity for youth to excel in all aspects of life through the values that team sports embeds, such as discipline, will power, and the understanding that win or lose, your friends, family, and community are there for you.

All proceeds raised will be directed to the NYNS mission of realizing our community’s potential through organized youth sports by eradicating financial barriers for families in Niagara.

Your contributions make a difference in the lives of kids in the Niagara Region!


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