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JKR Liddiard Memorial Charity Lacrosse Tournament

Happy Friday NYNS Family!


We are happy to report that NYNS has just sponsored a deserving Niagara family and assisted with their hockey registration fees. 


 Take a minute to read about the impact we are making in the lives of Niagara’s Youth:


“I want to thank NYNS for the Bursary for my son to play ice hockey. His love and passion for the game are truly remarkable. Even as the season was nearing the end, NYNS stepped in to help with the remaining funds I needed to pay off the registration fees in full. Just before Christmas we were given notice that if the fees were not paid in full, my son would no longer be able to play. I couldn't imagine having to tell him that he had to stop playing a game he loves. I am truly grateful to organizations such as this one, who put kids first! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! “


It truly is amazing hearing about the impact we are making in our community! Due to the generosity of our sponsors and partners we have been able to help 10 of Niagara’s youth this month alone! 100% of funds donated go towards our mission to keep Niagara's youth involved in organized sports by eradicating financial barriers for families in Niagara. 






JKR Memorial Lacrosse Tournament Review


A NEW RECORD! This year’s JKR Memorial Lacrosse Tournament was an incredible success. This event once again demonstrated that when a community comes together, positive change is possible. We recognize the effort and commitment put forward from the teams who participated, with a special recognition to the Merritton Warriors who captured this years Champions Cup! In total, over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($35,711) was raised, all of which goes directly to Niagara’s youth by providing them access to team sports through sponsorship, equipment, registration, and unyielding mentorship. This year our sponsors and business partners will witness the transformation in the lives of young people, all of which is shared publicly on our facebook and social media pages. 100% of your contributions go directly to young athletes who, without your support, would not have the opportunity to play organized sports in their community. The level of support we received from business owners and individual donors reflects the tremendous passion we have for keeping the dreams of young athletes alive and instilling in them the positive values of teamwork, discipline, effort and friendship that will last a lifetime. It is undeniable that NIAGARA YOUTH NEED SPORTS, and with your help, we can ensure that no young person misses this opportunity.


Thank you all again, and if you wish to be involved in this tremendous movement, be sure to check in frequently! 


Love, peace, and unity!

We are proud to announce the founding of Niagara’s newest initiative, Niagara Youth Need Sports (NYNS). 


It is the vision of NYNS to provide

 access to organized sports for youth and their families in a time of financial uncertainty. 


Your contributions make a difference in the lives of kids in the Niagara Region!


All donations can be sent to

Cheques can be made payable to "Niagara Youth Need Sports Inc."

Featured Success Story

Future Star Suited in New Gear Thanks to Our NYNS Family.

Each new season presents an opportunity for youth to excel in all aspects of life through the values that team sports embeds, such as discipline, will power, and the understanding that win or lose, your friends, family, and community are there for you. Providing access to organized sports for youth and their families in a time of financial uncertainty 

JKR Merch for Sale

Get your JRK Merch today! All proceeds directly benefit Niagara's youth by realizing our community’s potential through organized youth sports and eradicating financial barriers for families in Niagara.

Email orders can be made to:

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